Image gallery

Restauration in the shipyard (now 24 pictures)

Rigging works at the old Harbour Museum in Hamburg (5 pictures)

July 2017 Arrival ín Germany and tow to the Peters-Yard (9 pictures)

Photographer Jan Sieg has accompanied PEKING across the atlantic (24 pictures)

2016/2017: Tow to Cadells shipyard, de-rigging and tow to the dockship (30 pictures)

PEKING in New York (18 pictures)

Interior of PEKING in New York (14 Bilder)

History (13 pictures)

Arethusa-Time in England (72 pictures)

Paintings (6 pictures)

Angelika Kahl, Peking Studie Angelika Kahl, PEKING I, 40x50cm, oil , 2016 Angelika Kahl, Peking, 50x70cm, oil, 1984 Angelika Kahl, PEKING II, oil, 40x50cm, 2016 Angelika Kahl, Peking wird nach Wewelsfleth geschleppt, 30x40cm, oil, 2017, Nr.698

Flying P-Liner (9 pictures)