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Shipyard: PEKING will be restored on May 5, 2020 - TITANIC and PEKING - is there a connection?

News from the shipyard: The restauration of the PEKING will be completed on 5 May 2020. The work progresses as planned. Next year the PEKING will be back in Hamburg!

And news in the category "Finds":
PEKING and TITANIC, two ships that are still famous today - one because it still exists, though the time of its kind is long gone, and the other because it ceased to exist before its time began, in a way and way that still captivates countless people more than 100 years later. What connects the two ships?

"Secret" connections between PEKING and TITANIC

The Hamburger Abendblatt has published a beautiful illustrated article about the PEKING and Joachim Kaiser at the turn of the year. "The man who brings PEKING back on track"

to the article in the newspaper

If you can not read the Abendblatt article, you will find it here as a PDF

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